Community Health

Community Health policies and programmes are the primary responsibility of SPHCDA. We organise community enlightenment programmes to encourage community perticipation.


Immunisation programmes

With a team of trained permanent and ad-hoc staff, We conduct routine immunization against the common child-killer diseases


Primary Healthcare Centres in Borno

The Borno State Primary Health Care Development Agency oversees all Primary Health Care Facilities (Infrastructure and Personnel) across the State



We Are the
Primary Healthcare Administrators of Borno State

The Borno State Primary Health Care Development Agency (SPHCDA) was created in 2013 as an autonomous agency of the Borno State Government to improve the quality of primary healthcare delivery to the people and to formulate strategic public health policies for the State. The Agency was eventually created by the Government of Governor Kashim Shettima.

We work with the Local Government Departments of Primary Health Care to deliver services to the remotest parts of the State, take care of recruitment, disipline and promotion of Primary Healthcare Personnel in the State and work with International Healthcare agencies wishing o intervene in the State by finetuning their programmes and projects to suite the people of Borno State.

Immunize your children against Child-killer diseases

We provide and monitor vaccines against the common child-killer diseases
Find out the next round of immunization campaigns here

Emergency Response

SPHCDA takes your emergency calls and responses instantly. Report any case of community health issues in yor area


SPHCDA cares about your healthcare
We encourage community participation.

Public Health indicators

We provide updates of public health statistics across Borno to facilitate policy-makers and support partners.

Global Standard Public Health Administration

SPHCDA's objectives is to attain global standards in
Public health aministration

Borno Public Health Indices


Primary Health Care Centres


Population without access to healthcare facilities


PHC Personnel

4 milion

Borno Population (2006 Census)

Current Intervention Programmes

Nutrition Projects
Healthcare Logistics
Immunisation Campaigns

Primary Healthcare Partners